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2020 Fall Full Stack Engineering Coop (python/django)

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COVID-19 has hijacked the plans of many, and has the potential to put the global economy on life support. People that should have shuffled off to jobs or internships have had their hopes dashed. But there are plenty of engineers who still want to learn, and we can help.

Our goal is to teach you how to become as productive as quickly as possible. You’ll learn engineering and big data best practices, and be exposed to business strategies that you wouldn’t get at “bigco” for two more decades. At least. This is an unpaid opportunity, so if you’re looking to maximize your pay, go apply to internship programs at Facebook or Google. If you’re lucky, someone might look at your code one day.

If you want to write code that will be immediately useful and work with the largest offline data science company that both Google and Facebook turn to for item-level data, then we have opportunities for you. With COVID-19 nothing is a given, but we guarantee that we will further the career of those willing to work, learn, and hustle, whether with our company or elsewhere.

Company Profile
Society is producing increasing volumes of data yet brick and mortar has not kept up with the opportunities. That’s not only troubling for your main street merchant, but also for the multi billion-dollar industries that surround the brick and mortar ecosystem: suppliers, distributors, utility operators, real estate funds, and others.

WhatsBusy is the offline point of sale (POS) data monopoly. Really. We access petabytes of POS data from tens of thousands of merchants and proprietary data from the card networks (think Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) and are using intelligent, prescriptive analytics built on the back of data science to solve these challenges. From helping merchants better allocate labor to giving Budweiser insights on what promotions to run, we’re providing much needed modernization to an industry (offline commerce) that’s arguably stuck in the middle ages.
Why You Shouldn’t Apply
You thrive in environments with zero accountability and negligible execution. You like punching the clock from 9-5 and not a minute more. You want to work on “problems” that are already solved and a guaranteed roadmap 10 years out. Titles are important.

Why You Should Apply
You hate predefined roles based on your age / “experience”. You hate micromanagement. You like building new industries from the ground up. You love learning and being around experts. You are a self-starter. You want to create something important and think too many startups are pointless (how about Uber for mustache combs?). You love data and believe its intelligent application is the future.

About the Role
WhatsBusy is searching for someone who can build and manage full stack software products. You must own your work. You will be exposed to marketing, strategy, and business development at senior levels. You must love data, believe in the power of data, and have a natural curiosity to solve real problems with data. You should understand 80/20 and have a visceral aversion to performing the same task twice. The right candidate will question, push back, and know when to run full speed.

General Responsibilities
Working with development teams to build and iterate products, including issue tracking, Q&A, change management, and issue resolution. Interaction with product management, senior leadership, and partners/customers to build and iterate solutions that drive tangible ROI.

Comfortable in “full stack” mode from database to front end
Can optimize performance of systems and code
Can quickly find ways to understand new technologies

Can answer what’s more important: algorithm or data set
Some familiarity with statistics and machine learning

Basic Dev-ops & Network Administration
Bash scripting
Some familiarity with administration of external software clients
Logging & monitoring tools (Monit, Sentry)

Tech Tools
Linux CentOS, Bootstrap/Sass, RESTful APIs, Python Django, Git, Postgres, AWS, Jenkins

Nice to Haves

Expected Projects
Billing and trials management products
Customer onboarding optimization
Scalable programmatic marketing development (Google/Facebook, etc)
Decision engines
Map reduce optimization

WhatsBusy at a glance

Empowering decisions in a busy world

WhatsBusy focuses on SaaS, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. Their company has offices in San Francisco and Austin. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.whatsbusy.com or find them on Twitter.

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