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Crush your sales quota. Consistently

Proven SaaS Revenue Rockstar who wants 30% commission rate on ACV (uncapped)

$80k – $120k • 0.5% – 3.0%
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This is likely NOT you because:
- we will scrutinize your W2
- we will ask for detailed specifics in how you learned and apply the sales profession
- you think you're better than you really are
- you think you've learned everything wrt sales

This could be you if:
- you're customer focused at the core
- you're competitive at the core
- you're empathetic at the core
- you're helpful at the core
- you're a problem solver at the core
- you're a team player at the core
- you want to be paid proportionately based on how you perform on the above

Our core value is that Sales + Engineering are EQUAL. We must ship code + ship revenue aligned with getting our customers promoted.

There is no other compensation plan that is aggressive as this, guaranteed.
- 30% of the Annual Contract Value of the deal you close. Paid out in the month you close it.
for extreme clarity: You close $120k annual license and the commission paid will be $36k. Simple. No Cap. Commission paid upfront/monthly.

- You've sold b2b SaaS (b2c experience is not valued)
- You've sold minimum committed annual contracts (Insertion Order based contracts do not count)
- You have at least 2 years of quota carrying closing of annual contracts. The ACV can be small, that's ok.
- You close deals every month
- SF based only
- no recruiters

"Prepare to Qualify"

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Crush your sales quota. Consistently

Whalr focuses on SaaS, Sales and Marketing, Sales Automation, and Sales. Their company has offices in San Francisco and Oxford. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.whalr.com or find them on LinkedIn.

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