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Crush your sales quota. Consistently

bookkeeping - Accounting / executive assistant

$30k – $50k • 0.25% – 1.0%
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we need help with bookkeeping, issuing/chasing customer invoices, implementing enough process to keep us moving very fast.

opportunity to experiment with other types of roles

you are resourceful
you enjoy getting $hit done
you want to grow and learn other roles in the company (HR, accounting, marketing, sales, etc)
you are the jack of all trades today, but tomorrow you will be helping lead one of our key functional teams (you have a ton of upside)
you thrive in environments where YOU are the limiting factor
you enjoy being compensated and appreciated for ALL the contributions you make (most of which are not in your job spec)
you have incredible attention to detail
you value team and customers above everything else

Experience doesn't matter to be successful in this role or on our team. It's the mindset you bring and if you can learn uber fast from an experienced team. You'll be part of our founding team and someone we need to build around long term.

SF based
flexible schedule is ok
working from home some days is ok

our team is only measured on what we deliver. Not how many hours we work or how "busy" we look.

bonus time:
- you enjoy "pints"
- you like gaming (mtg, halo, fifa, LoL, poker)
- no type of food scares you
San Francisco
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Visa sponsorship
Not Available
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Crush your sales quota. Consistently

Whalr focuses on SaaS, Sales and Marketing, Sales Automation, and Sales. Their company has offices in San Francisco and Oxford. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.whalr.com or find them on LinkedIn.

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