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experienced team, multiple exits, we will teach you how to build a company from zero and learn from our previous wounds in additional to learning new wounds with us! We want everyone on our team to eventually start their own company. WHY ELSE LIVE THE BAY AREA? If you don't want to start your own company eventually, then you really should move to a less expensive part of the world. (we hear Nampa, ID is nice) We are solving real enterprise pain, have paying customers and will always focus on our team. We deliver exceptional value to our customers and we expect them to pay us and view us as an extension of their teams. We never hire the "smartest" people on paper, we hire the most resourceful team oriented gritty winners. If you have a chip on your shoulder, even better! We tend to do things very differently than most teams. And we aren't looking for typical people. Quirky Misfits, please apply - let us tell you our vision + philosophy over a pint.
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Quant Marketer - Demand Gen - you like math - Growth

you like math
you like to measure impact to revenue and be measured
you understand b2b
you don't understand b2c

SQL is the most important metric in your vocabulary
you enjoy getting your hands dirty in all aspects of growth/revenue
you don't really like most of the sales people you've ever...


bookkeeping - Accounting / executive assistant

we need help with bookkeeping, issuing/chasing customer invoices, implementing enough process to keep us moving very fast.

opportunity to experiment with other types of roles

you are resourceful
you enjoy getting $hit done
you want to grow and learn other roles in the company (HR, accounting...


(non-"Bro") Jr Sales Professional / SDR

you DO NOT believe that SDR is a "career path"
you want to learn the skill of high value selling properly

Similar to our Sales Professional spec:
you don't like "gongs"
you enjoy teaching prospects + customers something they didn't know
you don't fit in to typical sales/SDR teams
you HATE G...


Proven SaaS Revenue Rockstar who wants 30% commission rate on ACV (uncapped)

This is likely NOT you because:

we will scrutinize your W2
we will ask for detailed specifics in how you learned and apply the sales profession
you think you're better than you really are
you think you've learned everything wrt sales

This could be you if:

you're customer focused at the...