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Connecting companies to more diverse talent and performance data from real projects to reduce bias

Senior Tech Lead

$80k – $110k
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About WeSolv

Do you remember wishing you could get real experience to get a job that required experience? Have you ever known you could excel in a role if only someone would give you a chance? WeSolv is an innovative platform leveraging experiential learning and performance data to revolutionize recruiting and improve diversity. The WeSolv platform connects talented MBA candidates to each other and to companies to solve real business challenges, gain experience, and remove bias in hiring through using our proprietary predictive performance-data algorithms.

In recent months, WeSolv has participated in TechStars Seattle, landing Top Pitch at Demo Day, skyrocketed in user growth with over 1700+ users from over 70 top MBA programs, and has created exciting Case Challenge projects from companies such as Salesforce, Morningstar, and Discover Financial. Our team is passionate about revolutionizing the way candidates and companies connect and having fun while we do it!

Senior Tech Lead

WeSolv is looking for a business minded engineering leader with a real passion for technology, team building, and expertise in scaling consumer-facing web applications to join our dev team.

You will help us embrace the most appropriate technology and architectural patterns. You are passionate about a wide variety of technologies, and thrive on figuring out how to put them to use in an efficient and effective manner.
You want to coach and mentor our team, and evolve our processes to drive velocity, schedule accuracy and strive to increase the overall quality of our codebase. You find yourself to be a team builder who continuously iterates and optimizes to consistently and sustainably get the most out of your team.

Leadership Responsibilities

We will work together to build a positive culture in line with WeSolv’s Core Values that drive successful
You will evolve software development process to optimize productivity, quality and schedule accuracy.
You will support production operations for the software your team delivers.

Requirements & Qualifications

5+ years experience in building and scaling consumer-facing websites.
Experience with service-oriented architecture and microservices.
Experience with data science and machine learning tools a plus.
Experience with WeSolv’s technology stack: Amazon Web Services (Lambda, S3, and Cloudfront to name a few), Node JS, and React + Redux.
Codebase test coverage and continuous integration not only make you happy, but are table stakes for you.
Success building and managing world class engineering teams is a plus but not required.
You enjoy learning and continuously evolving your skillset to keep up with the ever changing technology landscape.
Your values align with WeSolv’s core values.

In short we are looking for someone to join our team and work with leadership to set a strong direction and amp up our speed to meet aggressive goals. This is going to be an amazing ride and we want you on the team!

What we are offering

The opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing company, having the ability to contribute significantly to the growth of the Engineering department, and be apart of a company that will change lives and the world for the better.
Competitive salary and equity package with completion of current raise
Flexible and remote work hours are something we embrace.

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Stella Ashaolu

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Founder & CEO, WeSolv; US State Dept. Speaker; ex-management consultant; behavioral economics; UCLA 1st; USC Marshall MBA: Consortium Fellow, Forte Fellow

WeSolv at a glance

Connecting companies to more diverse talent and performance data from real projects to reduce bias

WeSolv focuses on Marketplaces, Crowdsourcing, Fortune100 HR Divisions, and Education Technology. Their company has offices in Chicago. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.wesolv.co

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