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Connecting companies to more diverse talent and performance data from real projects to reduce bias

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Director

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About WeSolv
Do you remember wishing you could get real experience to get a job that required experience? Have you ever known you could excel in a role if only someone would give you a chance? WeSolv is that innovative platform, leveraging experiential learning and performance data to revolutionize recruiting and improve diversity. WeSolv is a “LinkedIn-like” platform that connects talented MBA candidates to each other and to companies to solve real business challenges, gain experience, and remove bias in hiring with data.

In recent months WeSolv has skyrocketed in user growth to 1700+ candidates from over 70 top MBA programs and exciting Case Challenge projects from companies such as Salesforce, Morningstar, and Discover Financial. Our team is passionate about revolutionizing the way candidates and companies connect and having fun while doing it! As a burgeoning startup with the vision of becoming the premiere talent and innovation sourcing platform, WeSolv represents the opportunity to be a part of building and growing something amazing from the ground up.

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Director
WeSolv is looking for an experienced Marketing and Lead Generation Manager to create and execute a strategy that increases awareness and drive business development. You will be responsible for creating, improving and maintaining digital marketing and sales activities to achieve aggressive goals. This is an execution and strategic role in that you will be responsible for creating and measuring the outcomes of your strategy used to raise brand awareness, engagement, and user/company growth.

Our ideal candidate is an entrepreneurial and experienced professional that can effectively lead a small team and is excited by the opportunity to build something amazing from the ground up. The selected candidate will have an opportunity to curate the voice and messaging of WeSolv to reach our diverse millennial and HR audience and improve current digital presence via our resource library, blog, social media platforms (IG,FB, LinkedIn, & Twitter), automation and analytics tools. As a two sided marketplace, you will also partner with the business development team and have direct ownership of company partner growth.

Responsibilities include:
- Identifying a digital marketing strategy and the best channels and tools to invest time/money in and create an execution plan to reach company goals
- Creating compelling content (e.g. emails, social ads) and creative outreach strategies that generate leads (i.e. compels targets to open and click!)
- Increasing candidate and company partner engagement
- Managing integrated marketing campaigns across email, website, & social channels
- Selection and management of interns and freelancers
- Development of persuasive business development strategies, including channels and communication activities
- Targeted social media content creation (i.e. memes, visuals, listicles)

Requirements/ Ideal experiences
(We are open to candidates with proven achievement, desire and willingness to learn.)
- Bachelor's Degree with professional marketing experience preferred
- Successful track record of building effective digital presence and marketing/sales funnel
- Tech savvy and great at figuring out new things (entrepreneurial figure ish out mindset)
- Experience with the modern marketing tech stack, including Hubspot, SendGrid, Mailchimp, UTM tracking, marketing automation software, webinars, and social media tools preferred
- Excellent writing and grammar skills
- Collaborative and personable leader
- Passionate about diversity and helping companies move to performance-based hiring
- Previous experience building processes related to marketing and sales operations

What we are offering:
- Career game changer – A truly unique experience to work for a fast growing startup in a role with unlimited potential for growth
- Equity and C-level advancement for the right candidate
- Opportunity to build a company that will change lives for the better
- Competitive salary upon completion of current fundraising round

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Stella Ashaolu

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Founder & CEO, WeSolv; US State Dept. Speaker; ex-management consultant; behavioral economics; UCLA 1st; USC Marshall MBA: Consortium Fellow, Forte Fellow

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Connecting companies to more diverse talent and performance data from real projects to reduce bias

WeSolv focuses on Marketplaces, Crowdsourcing, Fortune100 HR Divisions, and Education Technology. Their company has offices in Chicago. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.wesolv.co

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