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The world is a showroom

The world is a showroom

Art & Design Map Making the World a Showroom Similar to Airbnb who made it possible for any room to become a hotel, Wescover makes any space a showroom. Whether a consumer is sitting in a unique armchair at the Ace Hotel or spots the perfect light fixture at a design Influencer’s house, she/he can look up items in the real world and bring home that exact piece. Wescover gives physical objects digital context— like in a store or a gallery —so that consumers can find the brands and the stories behind them. Wescover’s mission is to make the world a showroom. We credit the Creators of real-world objects, so consumers can connect anywhere after being inspired everywhere. Our vision is to enable a deeper connection between people, objects, and places. We make every person’s physical world rich with context and stories as a search engine for the physical world.

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Rachely Esman

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Co-founder and CEO @Wescover • Co-founder @MarketsPulse, CEO of @Jivy Group Columbia MBA

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