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WePlann - The Easiest Way for the LatAm Tourist to Discover & Book Vacation Activities



Oliver Camargo

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Co-founder & CEO @WePlann. Bilingual Growth Fanatic. Lived the problem he is solving. 7 yrs Interim Crisis Mgmt @KPMG, PwC, A&M @ESADE MBA

Gina Bolaño

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Co-founder, Chief Creative & Design  @weplann. Web Design Specialist. 4 years designing startup multilingual e-commerce sites. Master-Web Design Projects

Dallas Beek

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CTO @WePlann. Hacker-Software eCommerce guru. 13+ years @eBay & @Intacct building solutions used on over 10,000 websites doing over $1 billion in transactions.


Partner Development at WePlann (a 500 startups Batch 7 company)

Melanie Barreto

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Kelly Camargo

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WePlann- Social Happiness & Sales /Sutherland Global Services -Google Apps For Work Campaign /Convergys -Quality Control & Transcription

Vanessa Trindade

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Currently working at WePlann as a Junior Designer; Specialty Motion & Communication Design.

Lígia Leite

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Journalist and Languages graduate, world traveler, Content Manager @WePlann. Working on strategic content planning, Email Marketing, translations and blogging.

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Owner & Board of Directors @WePlann. •Mr. Personality• Whether its raising money or pouring coffee, I do what it takes to keep a project moving.

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Chris Anderson

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