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A.I. to empower people to eat well



Tam Su

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Araminta David

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Culinary > Nutrition > Product Development > Food Design & Innovation > Food Tech

Jeffrey Gerard

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Experienced data scientist and software engineer specializing in NLP and geospatial data. Bridging the gap from research to software.

Jason Reeder

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Developer, linguist, and punslinger. Currently @wellio, previously @Google in Arabic NLP.

Mary Knight

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Product Designer @wellio, specialty in visual design, strengths in system thinking & user research with a passion for solving human-centered social good issues.

Sivan Aldor-Noiman

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Experienced lead Data Scientist, Statistician and Chief fun officer

Former team

Polina Marchenko

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Alyssa Eidam

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Pranava Prabhakaran

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