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Finally, a solution to Nocturria

Finally, a solution to Nocturria

60 Million + people in the US suffer from Nocturia - a market many times larger than Viagra. A key symptom of Nocturia is simply needing to urinate multiple times in the night. Chronic sleep depravation is no joke and a huge problem. Insomnia, fatigue, heart disease and stroke top a long list of associated problems. A large segment of men and women suffer from Nocturia due to elevated Prostaglandin hormones and it is this which our drug treats. The company has nine patents issued for a unique formulation that is proven to alleviate what is the #1 urology complaint of men and women 55+.

The company has raised over $8M, primarily through angel investors. We have just completed a Stage II clinical trial. It is rare for a clinical trial to have gone much more favorably. Dr. Jeffery Weiss, a global expert on Nocturia published a review of the trial saying "The study is stunning. Congratulations. It is a monumental Achievement"

We have a final bridge financing offering...

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