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The existing water crisis needs no introduction and the solution to avert this crisis is to reduce our consumption. The problem we have identified is that there is no accountability when it comes to usage of essential resources like water,electricity and gas. Our aim to is to reduce the excessive burden we place on these resources by providing the user with usage patterns and other critical data to help make informed decisions and thereby leading to conservation of these resources. How do we do this? Our solutions help the consumer bring accountability to their usage by helping them make informed decisions based on their respective consumption patterns. This coupled with intuitive insights is designed to bring about a behavioral change and thereby reducing the water usage by upto 40%. We have developed an IoT solution with an intuitive platform that is connected to sensors manufactured by us and tracks our users’ consumption in real time and provides useful insights to regulate the usage of each resource. We have helped drive conservation of up to 50% of water consumed per household. The impact of savings this precious resource is invaluable. With decreased consumption,the end user also stands to benefit by substantially reducing his water costs by ~40-50%. Our solution will help in reducing the stress we place on these resources and each unit saved today will result in a nurturing environment for our future generations.
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Customer Happiness Representative

We are looking to hire a Customer Happiness Representatives(“CHR”) in Chennai. The best CHR are genuinely excited to help customers.


Sales Manager

We are looking for competitive business development executives to develop sales strategies and attract new clients. A successful business development executive will source new sales opportunities and close sales to achieve targets.