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Founder in Residence (full-time)

$80k – $100k • No equity
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We've invested in hundreds of incredibly diverse startups: flying cars, robots, artificial pancreases, breweries, movie studios, and more. From solo founders toiling away in the coffee shop to unicorns now worth over $1 billion. In 34 of 50 states. Next up, 50!

Our goal: to add so much value, that a founder would fail an intelligence test if they turned down our investment. It should be a no-brainer. Would you turn down Ron Conway? Exactly.

We also aim to sprinkle some of that Silicon Valley fairy dust to the rest of the country. We inspire more potential founders to get started, encourage them to think bigger, hone their pitch, help them focus, and give them the funding they need to prove to the "normals" in the world that they are not crazy (or, at least, crazy in a lucrative way). We believe founders who "have been there and done that" make the best early-stage investors. That's why we are hiring a Founder-in-Residence.

Our dream candidate is a restless founder between startups, willing to commit a year. You likely finished a grueling grind and need to recover before jumping back into the next adventure. You know - like us - that the job of an investor is so much easier than a founder. But you also know - eventually - the siren call of another startup will beckon.

The success or failure of your prior startup doesn't matter. What does matter is empathy for founders, the quality of advice you can offer, and the encouragement that you can give them. The perfect candidate commands respect from founders: you've been in the trenches... and your advice proves to be true, more often then not.

In addition to empathy, we're also looking for intellectual curiosity and humbleness. One of the most fun parts of this job is to help founders in very different industries - not just tech. Are you the kind of person that would be excited to learn about the economics of ostrich farms? We're your people.

We will design the role for your unique superpowers and interests. Read our Charter, and tell us how you'd like to help. However, here are some options:

Help a founder with the elevator pitch. Most founders can't pitch their company. They often use jargon and fancy words. You understand that a 10 year old has to grok what they are doing in 5 seconds, and you know how to intrigue investors in as few words as possible. Channel pg.

Help focus the founder on the most important thing. In the moment, everything seems like a hair on fire / cluster-fuck dumpster fire emergency. But you have the experience and perspective to guide founders on what is truly important.

Spot formidable early founders. You don't just follow the herd and like the same shiny things everyone else does. You can spot formidable founders - with no external stamps of credibility - before they have succeeded. You can sense founders who "have what it takes" after a half hour... not after a16z backs them.

Fix America. As a company, we've taken multiple train trips across the country, stopping in cities like Fargo and Boise. You would be offended if you knew how the local "angels" operated in these cities. We aim to give more power and leverage to the smart founders in these cities, so they can fund the next generation, and outcompete the old money which leads founders astray with horrible advice.

Product / Design Feedback. We're big believers of the YC ethos: build quickly, talk to users, repeat as fast as possible. We favor product thinkers and makers who can guide founders in this direction.

Be a firm cheerleader that practices tough love. One of the most valuable things an investor can do is believe in you, and prove it with their funding. It's a little like being a cheerleader, but with one difference: when the founder is screwing up, you tell it to them straight, because you respect them. Since we're not a VC, we can be on the side of the founder... but that includes telling it like it is.

Be a connector. Part of the thesis of Wefunder is that we have 200,000 investors who all want to help out and pay it forward in small ways... if only they knew how. You can match up founders with an expert who can help them with their particular challenge.

Run a mini-batch. We run a tiny little incubator just for fun, and line up weekly fireside chats with awesome guest speakers. We imagine it like 2005-era-YC, with a dozen or so founders (but minus the 7%). You can help define and run these for different themes, in different cities.

This is short. You are a founder. You get shit done. You know how to create something from nothing through sheer force of will, despite the naysayers, obstacles be damned. And you can inspire others to do that too.

Market-rate salaries and options
Unlimited vacation days (mandatory 3 weeks off)
Medical, dental, & vision insurance
All-expense paid Wefunder vacation. We’ve taken two train trips across the country
Apple equipment. Whatever you want.
Lots of free food and drinks.
Reimbursement for classes and conferences.

Please contact nick@wefunder.com with the following info:

What was your startup? What happened?
What was the most important thing you learned?
What is your biggest superpower?
What excites you about our Charter?
If the world collapsed, what is your post-apocalyptic survival skill?
Tell us how you are an interesting and cool human.

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