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Worked at T Bank, Locish. Went to University of Aberdeen
Co-founder & CTO at Weengs, Locish. Tech entrepreneur, software engineer, prototyping addict.


Toni Gorodnicenko

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Engineering Manager @Weengs

mayank dwivedi

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An IIT Bombay graduate and an Oxford MBA, I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge, and applying them to create real world impact.

Konstantinos Apostolopoulos

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Henry Gilmour

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A serial start-up'er with over 9 years experience in the commercial sphere, with senior roles in revenue/yield management, pricing, sales & marketing.

Thiago Marini

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I'm involved with software development in London

Chris Brady

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Vuejs, React, React Native

Antonio Robert Nicolae

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Software Engineer

George Hall

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Head of Sales & Business Development at Weengs

Pierfrancesco Ronzi

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COO @ Weengs. Previously in Management Consulting at McKinsey&Company

Former team

Arthur Saveliev

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Alexis Mathieu

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