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Dan Veltri

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Chris Fanini

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Founder, @Weebly. Strong focus on infrastructure, datacenters, and scaling.


Raul Lopez

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Worked at Sr. Technical Recruiting and Program Manager at Coit Group, Weebly. Experience with Business Development, Financial, Java. Went to Stanford University

Alan Chambless

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Advisor to technology startups that are ready to scale their customer operations infrastructure/teams. Focus on SMB market.

Kate Wright

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Michele Mickelson

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Oana Calugar

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Co-founder of AI for Automotive Startup. In love with Data.

Ben Bloch

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Engineering leadership with mobile focus, most recently at Weebly (acquired by Square) and Nike.

Tim Snyder

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Founder tripgent • Worked at @Weebly • Studied at @Kettering University

Board members and advisors

Roelof Botha

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Grew up in Cape Town. Came to @Stanford University in 1998. Joined @PayPal in 2000 & became CFO. Joined Sequoia in 2003. Invested in @YouTube in 2005.

Steve Anderson

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Founded Baseline in 2006. 60+ investments since inception and have helped more than 30 founders sell their companies with great success.

Former team

Vitaly Odemchuk

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Nick Dellis

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Eli Perez-Gurri

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Steven Roussey

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Josh Grenon

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