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Intelligent Aerial Data Capture Solutions

Intelligent Aerial Data Capture Solutions

We help organisations to focus just on taking decisions while we look after bringing perfect aerial data to them.

We understand how businesses could slow up their production only because they require to put more time towards collecting data. We want them to sit comfortably on their seats in the office or at home and experience their sites even better, better than they can by being physically present there. And to build something which could amaze not only them but, in return, to their client as well.

To solve these complications, we use customizable drones. Our fleet of drones is built and curated in-house especially to suit the conditions of Indian Terrain.

WeDoSky has been one of the top players in the real estate sector and has recently up-scaled to the mining sector as well. The drone technology is new globally and thus shows a high growth potential to several other industries as well like solar power, agriculture, pipelines, etc.

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