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collaborative social network for wedding planning

collaborative social network for wedding planning

Almost every couple hates even the thought of wedding planning. Event guests are often loathe to even RSVP.

It's confusing, stressful, expensive, fraught with emotional challenges, logistically complicated, and rife with miscommunication. The abundance of one-shot apps, product search engines pretending to be planning sites, and half-baked management systems available now just add to the feeling of how overwhelming it all is.

Nobody is doing it right.

Wedocracy's collaborative, comprehensive event planning platform, built by an engaged couple during their engagement, empowers couples and guests to actually enjoy the wedding planning process by leveraging the power of relationships and social networking. The relational tools built into our DNA exponentially multiply the value of every single step you take in the system. It's a wedding planning toolkit worlds beyond anything out there today.

In short, couples who use Wedocracy have more fun, stress less, and so do their guests.

Peter Jacobson

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Designing and building mobile and Web applications since 1996. Founded Linking Arts in 2004. Specialties: Development, UX, IT Management, Event Production

Uchechi Kalu Jacobson

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UX, Project Management and Content Strategy at Linking Arts. Strong content writing background. UC Berkeley valedictorian, 2001. Published author, 2006.

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