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We help companies build products that works

We help companies build products that works

Wednesday is a digital software consulting company.

We work with fortune 500 companies and build digital products that are used by millions of users around the world.

The first step in the interview process would be for you to know a little about us. Take a few minutes to go through playbook.wednesday.is. We're opinionated and have written how we work right down to the point on how we organize our projects.

Also, to know about some of the values at Wednesday please read this: linkedin.com/pulse/work-wednesday-ali-hafizji

Over the years we've found that if you have the following values or are looking for a team with these values you will enjoy working with us:
1. Openly communicate
2. Always be learning
3. Be open to take positive criticism.

Software Engineer - Nodejs

Go Developer

UI / UX Designer

Tech Lead

CTO Wednesday Solutions. Software Architect and Evangelist.

Ali Hafizji

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CEO, Wednesday Solutions Published Author, Software Artisan and Entrepreneur.

Bi-monthly 1-1

Paid conferences

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Casual dress code