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Building the blockchain-powered semantic web · Web 3.0

Full-stack developer. Blockchain. IoT. $10/h. No agencies!

$12k – $22k • No equity
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We are looking for an experienced Full Stack Developer. He/she must be an experienced blockchain developer
We've won our second grant recently and need someone who will be able to add blockchain features to our platform. Basic demo: imec.wr.io/#dashboard
Pages in JSON-LD format. Open the page code to check how it works. Pages are loaded from github.com/WRIO-Hubs/imec.wr.io and have minimum HTML markup.
We need to register sensors in the Ethereum blockchain to store metadata: page URL, ID, etc. It is important for creating a distributed sensors wiki that anyone will be able to use in their 3rd party projects.

More about the project.
We are working on a web 3.0 IoT platform that will become a “Facebook for smart devices”. The solution will be used to create and maintain profiles (IDs/passports and even wallets) and social media feeds for smart devices automatically. The platform will allow devices tracking from the moment of their development through recycling: manufacturer, date of manufacture; seller, selling time; warranty service; geolocation, usage, errors and maintenance logs; etc.

The solution is based on our machine-readable platform wr.io. Check presentation.wr.io and demo.wr.io for even more details.

Relocation to London is possible at the later stage.