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Full-stack developer. IoT. Linux/CLI + API. $10/h. No agencies!

$21k – $21k • No equity
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We are looking for an experienced Full Stack Developer. He/she must be a Linux geek and know how to work with the APIs.
We've won our second grant recently and need someone who will be able to link Linux-powered IoT testbed (fed4fire.eu/testbeds/w-ilab-t and doc.ilabt.imec.be/ilabt/wilab) with our platform.
As a tech part of the interview, the candidate will have to connect to the testbed (details upon contact with us), create an html page with a turn on/off button to control reserved sensor. Nodejs is preferable but we are open for other options.

About the project.
We are wowking on a web 3.0 IoT platform that will become a “Facebook for smart devices”. The solution will be used to create and maintain profiles (IDs/passports and even wallets) and social media feeds for smart devices automatically. The platform will allow devices tracking from the moment of their development through recycling: manufacturer, date of manufacture; seller, selling time; warranty service; geolocation, usage, errors and maintenance logs; etc.
More details at iot.wr.io

The solution is based on our machine-readable platform wr.io. Check presentation.wr.io and demo.wr.io for details.

Last year activity:
- we have won our Stage2 grant recently fed4fire.eu/opencalls. Stage1 has been completed already, see demo at imec.wr.io.
- we found a several investors are interested in the project. They are open to consider investments after the Stage2 completion.
- we have a several pilot partners.

For additional information read one of our grant proposals at docs.google.com/document/d/1ysLscZr3tLEoQGRrwXPmG2_j-63wHWopSJ7u5PVIZmk/edit#

Relocation to London is possible at the later stage.

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