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Pre WL: Ottoman Literature PhD program @ Univ of Chicago; MS Systems, Univ of Chicago; Research Libraries Group (Stanford) Post WL: Golden Gate Helicopters

Bob Pasker

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Cofounder/chief architect of @WebLogic . 17yrs investor/advisor (Jive, Nutanix, Sentient, StackExchange, Mint). Former CTO-in-Residence Accel and Azure.
Board member Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir • Owner StudioBamboo • Angel Funder NurseTech, LiveMedia, iMusiCast, GigaLogix • Co-founder WebLogic• Worked at BEA, Scopus, Sybase • MS EECS UC Berkeley
Founder of WebLogic and served as its CEO and CTO, and former VP at BEA Systems, which acquired WebLogic in 1998.
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Acquired (Oct 1998)