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Webdevelop Pro is a great place to work, and we need good people to join our team. Everything we do here every day is our unique contribution to the IT world We’re continuously expanding our roles to do more or to do better. Everyone on the team is a novice in some aspect of their job; not because we're bad, but because we’re constantly learning, constantly growing, and constantly inconstant. We’re a tech startup, but we’re misfits in the realm of hoodies, flip flops, and branded t-shirts. We don’t have a single guru, ninja, or wizard on our team. But we do have a producer, a professor, and a polyglot.
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Sales Manager

Posted 3 months ago

Our market is pretty competitive and we are looking for people who knows how to make a deals in tech industry. You will be responsible for the growth of revenue by proactive sales of the company services and products.


Sales Development

Posted 3 months ago
  • 2-4 years experience in B2B sales
  • Highly empathetic. You understand that the best sales people are the best listeners, and that we can we can only solve our customers problems if we gain their trust and listen intently to their pains and complaints