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Senior Backend Engineer

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We are looking for an experienced, passionate, world-class backend engineer to join our growing dev team. You’ll start as the backend engineer of our music streaming service for our running app and SDK (weavrun.com/app), then grow into a team leader or manager as we further expand our team.

You’ll get to work on all of our music management from label deliver to release.

Even more excitingly, you’ll build a streaming server such that music doesn't have to be downloaded on the user's phone!

- Have a proven track record of building complex technology and guiding less senior members of the team to create code that is well-organized, easy to read and maintain, and optimized for its intended purpose.

-Have built complex backend systems

-Possess excellent communication skills and the ability to clearly communicate technical concepts to a non-technical audience.

-Prefer working on world-changing products in a small startup environment

-Will hit the ground running & produce stable features at breakneck speed

-Are a clear communicator with strong attention to detail

-May be a runner and/or music person to boot

-Are definitely a joy to work with!

Weav Music is a NYC-based startup building groundbreaking adaptive music technology. Our first product, Weav Run, is a musical running app that seamlessly adapts the tempo and composition of hit songs to match your stride.

We’re a small and fast-growing team hailing from all corners of the world, led by renowned pioneers in tech (co-founder of Google Maps, engineering director at Facebook). We have an endless supply of coffee made with our Red Espresso Machine, which has traveled with us to our successive offices in London, LA, & NYC.

Forbes: forbes.com/sites/zackomalleygreenburg/2017/12/19/bedroom-bpm-meet-the-startup… Women's Running: womensrunning.competitor.com/2017/08/news/weav-run-music-pace_78926#hdVyj6pSu… Paste Magazine: pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/08/weav-from-the-founder-of-google-maps-puts-… Musically: musically.com/2017/08/02/weav-labels-adaptive-music

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