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Wearable input device for Glass

Wearable input device for Glass

Tact is a modular and programable BLE touch surface. It can be used to control Google Glass without speaking commands or touching Glass. Tact not only allows someone to use Glass without drawing unwanted attention, it provides programmable buttons they can map to specific functions or apps. This saves time and makes interactions with Glass feel more immediate and effective.

Tact's form factor allows it to be worn on the wrist, on a pocket, on a belt or even on your keychain. Tact is able to conform to your desired look and method of interaction, giving you the freedom to customize your Glass experience in ways not possible without it.

Tact can also be used to control other BLE devices such as smartphones, near-eye displays besides Glass and computers running OSX 10.9 or Windows 8. Its versatility combined with its simplicity makes it an excellent companion to a connected individual's experience. With Tact, device control becomes seamless and allows you to live life your way.
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