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Best audio walks in the world

Best audio walks in the world

wayme is based on Augmented Audio Reality — technology that makes you feel like someone is guiding you through the city while sharing their personal stories along the way. A wayme walk is full of sound effects, ambient, jokes, and personal stories that immerse you deep in the story and make you feel like an old friend is taking you on a personal tour.

Imagine the App Store for city tours led by locals. You come to a new city, choose a category, select a tour and go exploring the city with a virtual guide. Like the App Store, we offer star ratings, reviews, screenshots and even 30-sec audio teasers to give a sense of which walk is right for you. wayme is taking the best of audioguides, podcasts and offline walks with friends and making them “just work”.

• “It feels like I'm deep in a parallel reality. I'm walking around the city in my headphones... With a man whom I had never seen, which currently isn't here, but he entertains me and shows something interesting!”

Max Kuznetsov

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Founder @wayme, Founder & CTO at @molfar.io

Sergey Pirogov

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Founder of @wayme • Founder & CEO at @molfar.io • Product Manager (ex software developer) • Master of Engineering, PhD student

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