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Wash Doctors is revolutionising the car care industry. Customers go onto our app, select a service and have their Wash Doctor ordered to wherever they please, whilst getting on with other (more fun) things. Traditionally, car owners decide to wash their car themselves or take the round trip to your local car wash only to sit in queues. At Wash Doctors, we understand the value of people's time and their vehicle maintenance, and it is our mission to transform this fragmented industry. Why are we different? Firstly we utilise a revolutionary technology in the car washing sectors known as a waterless wash. This technology not only leaves a superior finish on the car but also saves over 200l of water per wash. Furthermore, as we don't use water, all of our washers are mobile and travel to the customer by bicycle with only a single backpack. Lastly, this efficient use of resources means that our Wash Doctors don't require expensive equipment for which traditional valeters charge a premium. The combination of these factors has allowed us to build a car washing platform that enabled customers to experience the ultimate convenience and quality without having to move, all for an affordable price. The Team Wash Doctors are building an incredible team of individuals who are fully committed to revolutionizing the car care industry. We are a young team that has an endless vision for our company. As a small start-up with only 5 employees in the core team, there is endless scope for individuals to grow into and develop their skills whilst delivering top class results. We are proud of what we have done and we have limitless visions for where Wash Doctors can go but have only just started the journey.
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Front-End Developer

You will initially be continuing to build the platform and managing the runway for the introduction of future technology. However, as the team grows and develops you will be expected to manage a team of developers, so good communication and management skills are necessary.