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Developer Tools For Machine Learning

Engineering Support (Asia-Pacific Region)

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Weights & Biases is building developer tools for machine learning engineers. We’re rapidly gaining more users and customers, and we love hearing from users and addressing customer needs directly as we build new features. In this role, you will help us keep our user and customers engaged, organize and prioritize requests, and help troubleshoot and fix bugs.

So far we’ve had excellent traction with ML teams. Founded in 2017, we have raised $20M in funding and are growing quickly. Our customers range from small startups to enterprise companies including Lyft, OpenAI, Toyota Research Institute and Qualcomm. You will work closely with our support, engineering and product teams to understand and respond to user feedback. This is a core part of improving the product and prioritizing what we work on next

Your main goal will be to quickly get answers to all user messages. Customers write in with highly technical questions, suggestions, or bug reports, and we need to give them timely responses to fulfill SLAs. In this role, you will act as the face of the company and the first line of support in European and Asian time zones.

Responsibilities in the role

  • Quickly respond to all inbound support requests including GitHub, Intercom, and our public Slack forum
  • Triage bugs and requests, tracking responses, and maintaining a fast response time
  • Collaborate with the engineering team to give feedback on features Reporting on trends in user messages, including frequently asked questions, feature requests, distribution of work to fix bugs, and average response times
  • Learn product features and building up skills to solve bugs and push fixes yourself, as well as alerting the engineering team to challenging issues

Someone who flourishes in this role will

  • Enjoy connecting with real users and helping them solve issues
  • Organize and oversee timely followup for every message
  • Have programming experience, from either an engineering role, a computer science degree, or personal projects
  • Have an interest in machine learning
  • Work autonomously in a self-directed environment
  • Proactively find ways to improve processes and collaborate
  • Answer messages with a kind, thoughtful tone that makes users feel appreciated and connected to our team

Why join W&B?

  • This role gives you first-hand experience working on debugging integrations with real-world machine learning models.
  • Representing our customers, you will have the opportunity to shape the product’s direction.
  • We have extensive experience working with companies to turn machine learning research projects into scalable, real-world deployments.
  • We have an experienced founding team including the founders of CrowdFlower (now Figure Eight), a successful startup in the machine learning space. They watched hundreds of companies struggle to deploy machine learning models, and the same problems show up repeatedly. Our tools at Weights & Biases are directly addressing these core needs in the industry.
  • Customers genuinely benefit from using our tool. Here's a quote from Wojciech Zaremba, Cofounder and Robotics Lead at OpenAI: "W&B allows us to scale up insights from a single researcher to the entire team, and from a single machine to hundreds of them."

More Information

  • This position will be a part time position for the first month as we help get you up and running (Onboarding working hours will be in pacific time zone)
  • After the first month this will transition to a full-time position in your local time zone working hours (9am-5pm)
  • Only people permanently living in Asia Pacific Time Zones will be considered for this role.

Weights & Biases at a glance

Developer Tools For Machine Learning

Weights & Biases focuses on Information Technology, Information Services, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Software. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees. To date, Weights & Biases has raised $20M of funding; their latest round was closed on May 2019.

You can view their website at https://www.wandb.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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