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Developer Tools For Machine Learning


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Peter Skomoroch

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Co-Founder & CEO @SkipFlag (acquired by @Workday ), Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn, Eng @AOL Search, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, @ProfitLogic (acq by Oracle)

Lorenzo Thione

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Managing Partner at Gaingels; Cofounder StartOut, PowerSet. Investor CrowdFlower, Lucid, EightSleep, Famous, et al - MSE University Of Texas Austin

Tim Converse

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Head of Applied Machine Learning at Adobe Ex-Inktomi, Yahoo!, PowerSet, Microsoft, eBay. Co-author PHP Bible series. Co-founder of @Jybe (acquired by Yahoo!).

Jeff Hammerbacher

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Founder/Chief Scientist @Cloudera, Assistant Professor @Hammer Lab, investing @Techammer. Past: EIR @Accel, Data @Facebook, Quant @BEAR Stearns

James Cham

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Partner at Bloomberg Beta. Investor at Bessemer and Trinity. Invested in Crowdflower, Twilio, LifeLock, OpenCandy. Ex-BCG and software developer.

Daniel Gross

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Investor @Cruise, @Coinbase, @Gusto, @GitHub, @Opendoor, @Forward, others. Founder @Cue, acquired @Apple. Partner @Y Combinator and AI Grant.

Peter Segerstrom

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CTO for Jordy.ai... In love with Applied Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, AWS, Schema design, prototyping. UCSD / RISD for school.

Filip Wolski

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AI researcher, quant trader, software developer, competitive programmer, Rolex scholar and scuba instructor

Nat Friedman

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CEO of GitHub, cofounder/CEO of Xamarin
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