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Financial Infrastructure for the digital economy

Financial Infrastructure for the digital economy

Wanchain is developing next generation cross-chain blockchain architecture with privacy protection. Our mission is to re-build the financial services industry and recently raised $35 million in an ICO. For more information please visit wanchain.org Wanchain 1.0 is a fork of Ethereum with Monero-style ring signatures and one time accounts for privacy protection. We see that privacy at the networking level is a fundamental requirement for the financial services industry and we are also evaluation other privacy protocols like zkSNARKs. Wanchain 2.0 will include the above + a bridge to Ethereum. Using a novel application of secure multi-party compute we can lock ETH on the Ethereum chain and mint a new ETH-W on Wanchain. Soon thereafter we will bridge to Bitcoin, and other public and private chains - pulling many digital assets onto the Wanchain ledger.

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Jack Lu

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Over 20 years of experience in software development and management. Bachelor degree from Peking University. Multi Master degrees from The Ohio State University