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Invest spare change into a diverse cyrptocurrency portfolio

Invest spare change into a diverse cyrptocurrency portfolio

Walnuts uses the CoinBase™ OAuth API to be able to purchase cryptocurrencies on your behalf. CoinBase™ caps the maximum expenditures that we can make, so rest assured, we can't invest more for you than we agree to! We also connect to your bank/credit/debit card through the trusted Plaid™ API, in order to view the spare change left over from your everyday transactions. We can not do anything with - and don't have access to - any personal info or credit/debit card numbers. Once a specified level of spare change has accumulated, we make a purchase on your behalf on your CoinBase™ account for the allocation of tokens you prefer. We then take 3% of the amount invested (less than other similar services) and cap to $1/month. The crypto is stored securely on your CoinBase™ account, and our 3% charge is taken directly from your CoinBase™ account, in the form of cryptocurrency. All interactions with CoinBase™'s API will be recorded by both Walnuts and CoinBase™.

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Max Dignan

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Software Engineering and Austrian Economics. Have co-founded and worked at multiple startups.

Jesse Rowe

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Founder @Ahoy.Ai, @Walnuts • Worked at 7+ startups before the age of 22.