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Wearables to reduce the risk of falls and improve mobility

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Walk With Path Limited ('Path') is an award winning company developing wearable products that reduce the risk of falls in vulnerable individuals. Not only will this reduce the risk of injury, but also improve confidence when walking and ultimately maintain their independence and quality of life for longer. Our products comprise an insole for shoes, Path Feel, which helps the wearer to feel the floor better, through providing active feedback, and Path Finder, a shoe that provides visual cues for the wearer to follow to help with the foot movement and gait.

Path Feel is designed for individuals with sensory deficit on the bottom of their feet, such as the elderly, people who have sustained injury or persons with serious diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Path Feel uses tactile cues through the sense of touch, to enhance sensory perception of the environment and trigger movement. It also incorporates sensors to collect data about the individual. This may help to better understand disease on a personal level and across populations.

Path Finder triggers movement and prevents falls by administering visual cues. Path Finder is specially designed for Parkinson’s patients who suffer from Freezing of Gait (FoG), where they feel as if their feet suddenly become glued to the floor. Visual cues have been found to break FoG and we provide these through the shoes of the user, removing the need for help from others or multi-tasking. We expect that Path Finder may have broader applications in future.