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Ideate Innovate Invigorate

Ideate Innovate Invigorate

1. Web Application Development/Cloud-based Solutions 
Expertise in implementing cloud-based web applications that are cross-platform. 
Help our clients in implementing Cloud-based business solutions using cloud software development frameworks and mobile application development technologies. 2. React Native Applications:
React Native allows us to build both Android and iOS applications simultaneously by allowing to reuse the codebase. Thus saving a lot of time and giving the ability to deploy applications faster. 3. IOT Applications and Platform: 
The Internet of Things or IoT refers to devices that collect and transmit data via the internet. We have strong experience in Product Engineering of IOT devices, sensors, controllers and servers 
Product Engineering Services 
- Requirement Specification 
- Prototype & MVP Identification 
- Electronics Hardware Design
- Embedded Software & Firmware Development 
- Industrial CAD Design 
- Industrial Packaging Design 
- Certifications

React Native Developer

Angular / ReactJS Developer

Ruby on Rails / GoLang Developer