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Business-to-customer messaging made easy.

Business-to-customer messaging made easy.

1. Guaranteed “consumer” reach means using traditional “paid” SMS as well as free PUSH messaging.
Solution - Plus Messaging: Plus Messages reach recipients over the web (PUSH) or direct SMS.

2. Easy for a business to build contact lists. Today businesses have a hard time finding and building customer lists.
Solution - Subscribe Button: Add a Wadja Subscribe button to your site to build contact lists for messaging. With one click, visitors opt-in to your Lists.

3. Simple for businesses to compose messages to their contact lists. A simple way to send a message saves time and money.
Solution - Star Lists: Organize your text messaging into quick contact lists. List for a project, event, group of friends, or anything.

4. Private bi-directional person-to-business messaging. Consumers have the ability to not only receive messages from a business, but communicate back to the business.
Solution - Private Feed: Your messaging is private. Activity is shared only between sender and receiver.
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