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Zach Ware

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Managing Partner, @VTF Capital. Previous: Product/Campus @Zappos, Downtown Project, Pilotworks NY. Tacos. http://zgware.com/now

Jonathan Sanborn, CPA

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Current: Portfolio Manager @VTF Capital Past: Founder @SHIFT, @Work in Progress; Campus Development & Software Engineer @Zappos

Will Young

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Partner in VTF Capital. Ex-Zappos

Board members and advisors

Tim Fong

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board member @JusCollege mentor @500 Startups
Former bond trader (merrill lynch). Among first to invest in @Zappos. Co-founded flicklaunch. Dartmouth BA Wharton MBA Best Trade: mentoring inner city kids
My passion in life is to be happy and strive for self actualisation for both myself and the entrepreneurs that I work with.