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Our mission is to help everybody fall in love with their own creativity and that starts with our own employees. We want to be a place where you can bring your whole self to work and to create an environment where our different backgrounds and points of views are celebrated.
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Joel Flory


Briana Belvin

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An aspiring Content Creator and Digital Marketing Strategist. Familiarity within the digital marketing Ad space. Produced content and built brand awareness.

Annie Lee

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Erin Park

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Ruben Kogel

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Experienced leader in analytics / data science. I built and scaled the data science function at VSCO.

Junyu (Jason) Yang

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Product and Growth Analytics

Kelli Johnson

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Currently building teams @VSCO. Come join us. Previously @Braintree / @Venmo , @Groupon Based in SF, Midwesterner at heart.

Tiffany Graham

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Experienced leader who thrives on building and leading teams, breaking complex problems into actionable steps, and driving processes to achieve audacious goals.

Kendal Kulley

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4 years at VSCO, started artist space - Soft.Place. Experience with Adobe, photography, Printmaking. Went to Baylor University

Marvell Lahens

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Senior Product Designer @VSCO Founder, Maison Ogé

Jordan Tabak

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Information Security.

Sky Frostenson

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Current: Program & Product Management at VSCO. Previously: TPM at Twitter, Engineering at Linden Lab.

Jenny Murphy

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Nate King

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Worked at VSCO

Yumna Bahgat

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Digital Marketing Manager @VSCO UC Berkeley Extensive digital marketing, paid media advertising, social marketing experience.
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Board members and advisors

Founder Sunrise, Path, Slow / Early Facebook, Apple / Board Dwell, Esalen
Former Nike Design Exec. Jason Mayden is the CEO and Co-Founder of Super Heroic. We inspire children through imaginative and interactive physical play.
Product @ Pandora.

Former team

Robin Mehta

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Yuanzhen Li

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Naveen Gattu

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Farah Maloof

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DeVaris Brown

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Leon Wu

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