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We have designed the automatic targeting system of "RoboCop" and the "Terminator"

We have designed the automatic targeting system of "RoboCop" and the "Terminator"

CoverShot is designed as a pistol, clip-on module that acts as a gun-mounted camera (with night vision capabilities). Besides recording videos, CoverShot also live-streams its video to your smartphone to allow you to see and shoot around corners without exposing yourself to harm.

Our primary customers are those who use pistol mounted cameras and those who want Corner Shot capabilities. A premium gun-mounted camera costs $300 dollars. And Corner Shot cost $3,499 dollars. Our CoverShot Camera, which combines the capabilities of both the gun-mounted camera and the Corner Shot, costs $290 dollars (which also includes added night vision capabilities). And our basic cost of manufacture is less than $200 dollars.

We have a proven concept. We have a perfected prototype for our CoverShot. We are currently ready for mass production.

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In the highlight of my career, I was able to design the latest sensor orientations for the current Missile Warning System used on 8000+ NATO aircrafts.