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The conversation engine.

The conversation engine.

An enterprise platform for building in VR.

A proprietary, white-label VR platform for enterprise clients that includes all the features a brand would need to connect with its customers in virtual reality.

Conversation integration to allow one-on-one contact with the brand. Examples range from one-on-one conversations with celebrity brand ambassadors to scalable one-on-one customer service, employee training and focus groups.

Brands can bring their real world objects into the virtual world. Real-time flexibility to quickly and easily swap out virtual environments and inventory, from retail products like shoes or furniture.

Initially built for brand advertising. Future iterations will include 3D visualization graphics for industries ranging from Building Information Modeling to big data visualization such as financial data firms to threat-assessment visualization for police de

Kevin Cornish

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Virtual Reality Innovator leading product teams on a number of patented VR break-throughs including most recently bringing human conversation into VR.
Founder/CEO @Veenome, Acquired 2015 - 2.5M Raised. Former CRO of @Conversive, Product and BD @Nokia, @PointAbout @Navteq

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