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VR Comfortable, hands free locomotion

VR Comfortable, hands free locomotion

One of the biggest problems yet to be solved for virtual reality is how do we move within the virtual space.

The default method is to use a joypad, but this removes you physically from the virtual world reducing immersion.

We have solved this problem with the VRGO chair, an easy and intuitive way to navigate within VR. By tilting the chair in the direction you want to move you move in that direction within the virtual space.

The hands free VRGO allows you to bring both hands into VR allowing for a deeper experience.

We have also proven through hundreds of international live demos that it reduces the feeling of motion sickness as the chair compliments the way we naturally tilt when we walk.

We have gained critical acclaim from leaders in the gaming industry, journalists and gamers and have gained market validation through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Join us in reaching new levels of immersion by investing in VRGO.

Joe Ryan

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Founder and CEO - VRGO App Manager - Mobile Pie Creative Manager - Zen United Product Manager - Lexicon Entertainment Masters - Game Design

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