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$20k – $100k • 0.0% – 3.5%
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A little bit of everything while we sprint to profitability w/ low burn. #2 to CEO who also does a bit of everything (Dev/Design/DevOps/Marketing/Community) but is lacking bandwidth to properly execute across all roles and responsibilities simultaneously.


Marketing. VRCHIVE has traction and is growing autonomously through network effects.

That works, however, paid marketing is a massive opportunity to amplify the exponential network effects already observed.

Signs you may be a good fit:

- If you love and believe in VR (more accurately XR) as the final medium
- If you've led growth/marketing at a B2C startup from 1 (you) to a team and want to bring your experience to something new
- If you teach yourself new things constantly
- If you love extreme challenges and taking big risks
- If you can handle significant responsibility

Please share in a note why you are applying. It's optional, but nice when applicants do that and it isn't generic spam. Thanks! :)

** Remote is 100% cool, however there will likely be some part time relocation for milestone sprints and regular travel to California and New York **

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Ka'i Kau

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Founder VRCHIVE • Worked at @Articulite

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VRCHIVE focuses on Photo Sharing, Virtual Reality, Vr, and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality. Their company has offices in San Mateo and Honolulu. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://vrchive.com or find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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