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Mahima Mishra

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5 1/2 yrs of HR experience, Established full-stack HR function and processes, Promoted thrice in two years in startup (13X headcount growth in 3 years)

Jared Radtkey

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Jason Decker

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I have a track record of success both as an individual contributor, and as a leader helping you to build out your sales team.

Hee Min Jee

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3 years experience in UX/Visual design Adobe, Sketch, Invision, HTML5/CSS3, 2D/3D prototyping

Angie Morales

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Marketing - focusing on setting the foundations and helping companies grow.

Chang Kim

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Senior operations contributor in high-intensity, chaotic start-up environments where I have had to wear multiple hats and deal with considerable ambiguity

Alex Mojica

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Stanford Engineer (+UMass MBA) is a Bilingual, Experienced Operations Professional with International Experience with both Fortune 200 and start-up companies. 

Wayne Thai

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Founder Voyajoy • Studied at @University of Southern California

Board members and advisors

Worked at DGA
EIR & Venture Partner at @500 Startups | Founded @Storefront (raised $10M, acq by OuiOpen) & @SocialEarth (acq by 3BL Media) | Forbes 30 Under 30 | TEDx speaker
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Former team

Manali Shah

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Jordan Friedman

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Cassidy Hung Duong

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