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Tikhon Bernstam

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Founder/CEO of @Parse (acquired by FB for $85M). Founder @Scribd. Angel Investor - Cruise (exit 1B+), Reddit, LendUp, Gusto, Tilt, Checkr, Optimizely, 70 more

Tempo Ventures

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Early-stage investing via AngelList Syndicates

Lior Shiff

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Trevor Folsom

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Co-Founder & Chairman - Investible, Co-Founder Blueprint Management Group Sold to private equity, Co-Founder Elevation Capital, Chairman Car Next Door

Brett Roberts

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Director of Arrive Wealth Management with 15 years advising high net worth families.

Nick Valente

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Brett Chenoweth

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Jeff Marquart

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Personal investor, primarily in early stage IP ventures. Investments include Mindshow, The Venue Report, Voyajoy, and Principia Ventures.

les owen

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