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Sue Korn

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Co-Founder/CFO at Vouch Financial • Worked at Prosper Marketplace, Providian Financial • MBA Finance - Kellogg, BA Philosophy/Math - Colby College. CFA.

Hugh Olliphant

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Co-founder, gMoney (sold IP to @PayPal); Ran Enterprise Product and later Labs for @PayPal

Yee Lee

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No longer investing, 100% focused on climate change: http://bit.ly/reforest-deserts


Jill Schweitzer

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Steve Heruty

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Simon Levy

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Micah Jaffe

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Developer, Technologist, Nerd

Board members and advisors

Cofounder of Prosper. Most recently sold my company, Common Assets, to SolarCity. Advisor to many crowd funding and P2P start-ups.

Former team

Andres Ugarte

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Chelsea Otakan

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Sarah Wilke

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Jonathan Schatz

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Collin Green

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Ben Yee

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