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Crafting the future of brand to consumer relationships.

Crafting the future of brand to consumer relationships.

Votion is a SaaS company that provides Interactive Content experiences that can be run in all channels.

EMAIL: In email we help increase open rates and CTRs while proving a fun experience for an audienc

SOCIAL: In Social we help spark social conversations around content and topics that users are interested in sharing.

WEB: And in Web we provide a seamless destination on mobile & desktop on every device that looks great, engages the user, and provides our clients with valuable data.

Votion Campaigns can be set up in minutes by non-technical teams.
Worked in-house as an UI Engineer for both Twitter and Thumbtack. Worked at digital agencies in Chicago and DC as a Senior Front-End developer. Also, CS degree.

Craig Zingerline

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6-time founder whose skills live at the intersection of product management and marketing. Well versed in all areas of startup growth from early stage to scale.

CEO / Head of Sales / Growth Marketer

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