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Post-booking revenue and capacity optimization software for airlines



Fenn Bailey

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Co-founder & architect of @Volantio . Hacker. Traveler.


Greg Curtis

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Lead Software Engineer @Volantio

Hayes White

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Marketing professional with experience in communications, branding, and marketing strategy, along with graphic design.

Jeffrey Su

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Leadership experience at tech startup with a focus on Customer Care.

Kamari Wright

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Software Engineer at Volantio. Interests include Cryptocurrency, AI, and ML.

Jeremiah Flickinger

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Senior Business Leader in Aviation Technology | Technologist
Software engineer at Volantio Inc. where I write code and travel the world.

Michael Gruet

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Worked at Volantio, State Street. Experience with Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel. Went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

John Simon

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Full-stack web developer with real-world B2B experience. Obsesses over server, client, and network performance. Proficient in every programming language ≥ Ruby.

Noah Jacobson

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VP Engineering at @Volantio - Backpacker - Presenter at Agile2009 conference - Former Engineering Director at TrapWire, Inc.

Board members and advisors

CIO/CTO @siriusminerals. Before that @Deloitte Innovation Oz. -

Former team

Erik Reed

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