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Robotics Software Engineer
Ready to change the world?
We are reinventing how products are delivered around the world by unlocking the path not yet traveled.
Our company was founded in 2015 and is backed by Silicon Valley’s most prominent VCs, including LightSpeed Venture Partners and YCombinator. Volans-i provides fast on-demand aerial delivery service for time-critical shipments over long ranges. We build and operate long-range, high-payload drones for commercial, defense, and humanitarian applications. Leveraging drone technology as a transportation method, we help our customers gain control of their supply chain and save millions of dollars on downtime and inventory costs.
Our work came from the immediate need for critical delivery of parts to drastically reduce downtime for an automotive company. From this idea, our founders have scaled the company into a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals to serve critical delivery markets.
We are looking for Robotics Software Engineer candidates who are self-motivated individuals with a burning desire to constantly push the boundaries of technology to create the next generation of robotic delivery platforms. This person will design, implement, and test a broad range of software and firmware systems for vertical-take-off-and-landing fixed-wing aircraft with a highly-motivated, results-driven international team.
This position requires a professional with strong skills in writing software to operate robotics systems.
 What you will do:
+ Develop advanced guidance, navigation, and control behaviors for autonomous heavy payload, long-range VTOL aircraft operating in multiple complex scenarios.
+ Work with machine vision and perception specialists to build a rich set of autonomous capabilities based upon sophisticated sensor fusion
+ Source, qualify, select, and validate a variety of perception sensors
+ Source or develop sensor drivers as needed to pull data into the robotic system
+ Rapid prototyping of sensor and actuator subsystems to eliminate uncertainties in forward-looking aircraft design
+ Work closely with the Controls and Reliability teams to ensure a smooth handoff of validated systems
+ Assist in troubleshooting sensor, actuator, and controls problems that arise in pre-production systems
+ Develop software and firmware in a highly transparent, traceable, and reproducible manner.
+ Develop tests, setup continuous integration pipelines, and document design decisions
+ Work with your team and the entire organization in a highly-communicative agile development process.
+ Good writing and speaking skills.  You will need to document what you plan to build, discuss designs with your team, give visibility into your progress, and raise questions and concerns.
+ Proficiency with programming languages commonly used in embedded systems and robotics such as C, C++, Python, and Rust.
+ Experience working with ROS to design, build, and operate robotic systems.  ROS2 experience is a bonus.
+ Well-versed in Test-Driven Development (TDD) or similar  practices, and able to speak about how you design and build code for testability and verification, and how your continuously deliver code with high confidence.
+ Knowledge of common robotics or autonomous vehicle technologies and techniques such as stereo vision, mapping, localization, static, dynamic, and noncooperative obstacle avoidance, sensor fusion, and filtering.
+ Solid knowledge of robotics algorithms and an understanding of real time systems.
+ Solid knowledge of concurrent programming and memory management in bare-metal, RTOS, or Linux-based environments.
+ Ability to read and write sensor and actuator drivers written in a C-like language
+ Experience using common Linux command-line tools for building and testing code
+ Ability to break down complex, long-term projects into a series of smaller iterations with finite time constraints
+ 4+ years of experience building a series of robotic systems
+ Experience building custom software for drones / UAVs / flying robots
+ Experience modifying the PX4 Firmware stack, especially drivers, communications, and GNC-related modules
+ Experience developing vision-based perception code, especially with Nvidia Jetson and CUDA
+ Experience developing safety-critical systems such as aerospace, automotive, rail, or medical devices
+ Experience working in a high reliability software development practice such as ASTM F3201-16 or DO-178C
+ Experience working in an Agile development environment