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Autonomous Aerial Delivery Solutions


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Doug Camplejohn

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Repeat CEO/Founder. Head of Products, LinkedIn. 1 IPO, 4 exits. Carnegie-Mellon EE.

Michael Klyszeiko

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Shayna Modarresi

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Named A Women of Influence by SVBJ Managing Partner Lodestar Ventures Member Band of Angels Advisory @ Correlation Ventures Partner XG Ventures I-Banker Lazard

Jared Ablon

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Experienced CISO at AirMap. Entrepreneur with experience working with United States Government's most cutting edge technologies in Cyber Security.

Dave Shaver

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My passion: Integrating healthcare applications. Founder of Corepoint Health and co-chair of HL7. Craft beer fanatic.

Brandon Calder

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Co-Founder @WATCHR Media, Online Media, E-Commerce & Technology Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor

Zachary Lucido

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Larsen Jensen

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Vishal Harpalani

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Ealy Stage Investor Partner @Flight Ventures
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