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It’s hard to overstate the value of a great team (defined for now as: lots of smart and tenacious people who have the raw materials to achieve big things together ). For one thing, great people want to work with great people. So by building a great team now, it will be much easier to continue to recruit lots more great people later. A great team also means we’ll build product / market momentum more quickly, and we’ll out-execute our competitors. And finally, being around great people makes the day-to-day a real pleasure.

But finding great people is super hard and requires an extraordinary effort if we’re really truly serious about it. A great recruiting function has the following capabilities:

1. Mobilize quickly on great people:
When we find someone who might be great, we move them through the pipeline super fast.

2. Identify talent
We are clear on what makes a great candidate and how to spot that in people, even (especially) when they don’t have a proven track record and are undervalued in the market

3. Source at scale
It’s a numbers game. We’re able to source enough people such that we can be picky with who joins.

4. Sell the opportunity from start to finish
When we want someone on the team, we can make a compelling pitch for why VoiceOps is a great place to be and convince them to join.

As our team grows by 4X over the next 9 months, the job of Recruiter at VoiceOps is to execute a great recruiting function and ensure the best people come to VoiceOps.

To learn more, email jobs@voiceops.com.

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