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As our founding/first product manager, your job is to quarterback the product process. You'll have a big impact on our product process, and of course, on the product itself. In the long-run, the best products win, and so this is a mission-critical role.

Call centers are a really rich product space. Their operations are very complex, they are mission-critical to a company's revenue, and their data (customer conversations) is really rich and valuable. And yet, they've been largely overlooked by Silicon Valley, which means there's so much to explore and do to help them become better.

Aspects of the job

- Work with various stakeholders (sales, cs, founders) to prioritize the feature list

- Think deeply through tradeoffs and edge cases of a particular feature

- Go onsite with our customers to interview them

- Write high-detail specs for our engineers

- Partake in the design process with our designer

- Run a tight product process that results in new features being deployed every single week

- Develop success criteria for a feature, and drive the iteration process

Prior PM experience is nice but not a must. We believe that great candidates for this role must be extraordinarily smart and process-oriented. You should be able to thinking quickly and critically about problems you haven't been exposed to before, and have a constant stream of interesting things to say about the product. You should be an amazing communicator, verbal and written (e.g. in specs). And ideally, you've got some taste :-)

To learn more, email jobs@voiceops.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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