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Customer Operations Manager

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Your job is to help our customers solve one of their biggest business problems - maintaining a high-performing sales team as it scales.

You are part consultant and part operator, developing close ties to senior leadership (CXO, VP Sales) at large companies, crystalizing their problems, building support for a plan internally, and then executing on that plan w/ VoiceOps. Customers view you as a true champion for their business because you take ownership for their business outcomes and become a trusted expert. You also look for ways to build repeatable/scalable processes at VoiceOps to ensure we continue to hit our SLAs as we grow. And with a front-row seat to our customers, you generate tons of product ideas and feedback that’s critical to maintaining our lead in the market.

VoiceOps is a fast-growing, post-Series A company, and we’re funded by top VCs like Accel and Founders Fund. This is the perfect job for the ex-consultant/banker who’s looking to break into tech and to have the opportunity to quickly grow their responsibility and scope in a growing startup.

One of our main company values is that we do A+ work for our customers. We take ownership over our customer’s business outcomes, rather than stopping at usage and renewal rates, since those come naturally from solving company problems.

You will:
- Partner with our customers’ senior leadership (CXO, VP Sales, etc) to understand their problems, develop an action plan, and execute on it

- Manage the long-term health of the customer base by identifying and preempting areas of risk or concern

- Build out processes / systems at VoiceOps that ensure that we can deliver on our SLAs as our customer base grows

- Work directly with customer's sales teams, answering questions and addressing issues with their account

- Work with VoiceOps product/engineering team to generate product solutions to problems you see on the ground

We aren’t concerned with you having any particular background/experience. Ideally, you are:
- Highly detail-oriented

- At ease when communicating with executives

- Just as happy getting your hands dirty with implementation work as you are building out high-level systems/processes

- Quantitative, or at least confident that you can pick up quantitative skills quickly

- Looking to go all in on a job and career, and work hard with a group of ambitious, smart people towards an IPO

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