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Braden Ream

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CEO @ Voiceflow, Ivey Business School, Past founder of Flare, Worked at RBC + TJX
COO and Cofounder @storyflowhq
Co-founder @Voiceflow


Robert Hayes

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Help build product teams at early-stage startups. Founded @heistmade, built product @Ritual.co @Bitmaker @Joist @PartnerStack @Uberflip @Ada @Maple (getmaple.ca)

Joshua Ho

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Founder of Enlyte.com

Nidhi Gaday

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React, Typescript, Redux/Redux-Form, HTML/CSS, ES6, Restful API, JSON, Git/Github, Node.js

Ben Teichman

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edwin zhang

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Sean Han

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Emily Lonetto

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Head of Growth @Voiceflow & Co-founder of #GrowthTO | Former Growth @Themis/Clio, @PartnerStack & @Tilt (acquired by @Airbnb )

Leart Gjoni

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Software Engineer working with Node.js and React.js.

Nicolas Arcay Bermejo

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Voiceflow Rockstar & Developer Success at Voiceflow

Frank Yucheng Gu

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UofT Engineering; generalist that worked in many fields and played many different roles; usually creative and divergent; looking for a fun endeavor!

Board members and advisors

Co-Founder of Shoelace. Previously Business Development at Hubba, Corporate Strategy at Tim Hortons and Investment Banking at Credit Suisse
Head of Growth @Voiceflow & Co-founder of #GrowthTO | Former Growth @Themis/Clio, @PartnerStack & @Tilt (acquired by @Airbnb )

Former team

Winston Chen

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Bailey Martel

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Eric Hacke

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Christine Tan

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