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Media Network and Talent Scouting Platfrom

Media Network and Talent Scouting Platfrom

VOCATIO is a vocationally themed media network & talent marketplace designed to: (1) engage (millennial) students in meaningful career readiness through career and employer aligned content, game based learning, social media & events; (2) promote job roles, industries & employers to targeted profiled students; (3) match students with employer opportunities via a proprietary career readiness & engagement algorithm. VOCATIO integrates career Curriculum, Content & Community programming through a beautifully designed mobile & web platform to lifecycle students through career discovery, exploration, readiness and advancement. After facilitating meaningful and measurable career engagement among students, the resulting data is captured & leveraged through a proprietary career alignment algorithm to personalize and match student career profiles to job roles, industries, & employer opportunities of all types – internships, contractor/project-based work, and part-time and full-time jobs.

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Video Production Intern - YouTube Channel/Instagram

Patrick Jones

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Award-winning content producer and new media executive with success in significant youth audience engagement for major brands; Duke – Fuqua MBA;
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